Ter river route

Route with 58 km.

  • Which bike?
    • Gravel bike
    • MTB
  • Difficulty
    • Moderate

An ideal bike route for the more adventurous.

Here we present the Pinxo Train route between Banyoles and Girona and connecting Girona with the Ter Route until it reaches its final point, at the mouth of the Gola del Ter.

Once we cross the urban fabric of Girona and Sarrià de Ter we enter the gorge of Sant Julià de Ramis, where the river descends to the Empordà plain and ends at the beach of L'Estartit. It is a flat stretch and the small difference in level makes the lower course of the river Ter calm and thick. After the Sant Julià Gorge, we will cycle through a network of poplars until we reach Sobrànigues. At this point we can choose the left margin or the right margin. Whether we choose one or the other option, we will have the opportunity to cross the river at two other points: the Colomers dam or the Torroella de Montgrí bridge. In any case, we can reach the Gola del Ter via Torroella, where at the end of the Route (left bank, that is, north bank), we will find the signs for the end of the Ter Route.

Once the Ter Route is over and located in the Ter Gorge, you have several options for returning home:

  • Take the AMPSA bus from L'Estartit or Torroella de Montgrí to Girona and the Teisa de Girona bus to Banyoles.
  • Go back by bike or on foot following the Ruta del Ter on the other side, and take the train to Flaçà or Celrà in the direction of Girona. In Girona, you can take the Teisa bus to Banyoles.

 Asphalt agglomerate / Packed granit sand.