Can Ginebreda's forest

4 km. from La Cabanya


Xicu Cabanyes, a sculptor, has looked since a lot of years to incorporate in the forest his works.

The forest of Can Ginebreda (also known as the erotic forest) is an open-air museum made of more than 100 sculptures, many of them erotic. The works are by the Catalan artist Xicu Cabanyes. Walking in the middle of a forest of an area of about 40,000m2 and finding a giant clitoris, does not leave one indifferent. Strolling among oaks, holm oaks, pines, junipers, strawberry trees, holly trees, hawthorns and seeing stone fellatio, it is not usual.

The Can Ginebreda Forest it is the third oldest place in Europe of forests where sculptures are exhibited, there are approximately 150 forests of this type.

Admission costs € 4 (only one euro coins are accepted).

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