Mata and Porqueres churches

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The Church of Sant Andreu de Mata is a Romanesque church of the year 1114, from the s. XII, built on a cemetery. Its structure is unique both for the solid consistency of the whole and for the arrangement of the access door in a side façade. This door, with a semicircular arch, preserves the spiral fittings of the primitive Romanesque door.
The belfry reinforces the originality of the whole of its wide-vaulted roof on four sides.

  • The first reference to the parish of Sant Andreu de Mata is from the year 1019, when the bishop of Girona, Pere Roger (1010-1050), and the counts of Barcelona Ramon Berenguer I and Ermessenda donated the church to the canonry. of Girona.
  • In the 14th century, the jurisdiction of the parish of Mata was sold by Pere el Cerimoniós to Pere d'Usall, his waiter.
  • In 1579 it was added to Sant Julià de Corts and in 1928 in an annex of Corts.
  • In 1965 it became independent and became a parish.
  • In 1951 it was renovated, destroying the original apse and building a new transept and apse.
  • In 1936 (civil war) a polychrome wooden Virgin was burned.

It consists of a single nave with a barrel vault built of carved stone from Mata.