Other activities

Between 2 - 15 km. from La Cabanya

  • Rising to the tren Pinxo de Banyoles. You will be able to discover the corners more hidden from the Old Neighborhood.
  • Renting a boat of rowing (5€ person/hour) with capacity for 4 people and to give the turn around Banyoles lake or to make it with boats of engine (7€ person), the turn at the lake lasts some 30 minutes.
  • Fishing in the lake (2,40€ person/day).
  • Picnic in the Draga´s Park (placed beside the lake)..
  • Bathing at the lake at the "Caseta de Fusta" (free) or to the Old Baths (Banys Vells) or to the Banyoles Swimming Club.
  • Rising to an aerostatic balloon from Vol de Coloms and/or Kon-Tiki with capacity for 4-5-6 persons. You will see the Pla De L'estany and the Garrotxa from the air as where it brings you the wind
  • Relaxing in the Magma: the first thermal ludic center of Catalonia only at 30 minutes of the house
  • Golf at some 9 km. of La Cabanya heading to Girona.
  • and more and more activities, discover them in: EXPERIENCES: LAND, WATER AND AIR.

Banyoles and the Pla de L'Estany have the first touristic sport mark of Catalonia