The typical sweets of Banyoles - The sweet route


The sweet route of Banyoles (Girona) is a gastronomic route that brings together different patisseries with typical Banyoles sweets:

  • Can Japet Bakery

Address: Plaça de la Font, 5 in Banyoles. Tel. 972 57 03 20.

You will find Snails with or without chocolate.

  • Can Carbó Bakery

Address: Plaça Major, 19 de Banyoles. Tel. 972 57 04 28.

There you will find the Tortada de Banyoles.

  • Jaume Figueras Pastry Bakery.

Address: Plaça dels Estudis, 7 in Banyoles. Tel. 972 57 05 68.

There you will find the Banyoles Cansalades and the chocolate Ramona.

  • Can Padrés Pastry Bakery.

Address: Passeig Mossèn Lluís Constans, 157 in Banyoles. Tel. 972 57 09 34.

You will find the best Xuixo of the world and the Rocks of the lake.

  • Els cargols de Can Japet
  • La tortada de Banyoles