Experiences Packs

When we plan a getaway break it is because we want to have a good time, unwind, nurture our sporting or adventurous spirits..., but our plans also reflect a compelling need for rest, relaxation, pleasure and wellbeing. 

Sometimes, we have to stop so as to make a fresh start. For this reason, at La Cabanya we have designed these three packs to enjoy them: a highly rewarding experience for the 5 senses.


mascareta-petita.jpg100% RELAX PACK

Enjoy unforgettable days relaxing and disconnecting. The pack includes a wellness treatment for each person, to choose between body and/or facial.
Body treatments: Anti-stress, Wind Caress, Mediterranean Brezze, India Sensations and Wood therapy.
Facials treatments: Earth Secrets, Cleopatra and Silk skin.
Price 2 people: 95 € + accommodation
Price 3 people: 142 € + accommodation
Price 4 people: 190 € + accommodation
Price 5 people: 237 € + accommodation




Surprise your couple with the Romantic Pack.
The pack includes a bouquet of fresh flowers, a box of chocolates, the warmth of the fireplace (in winter), petals on the bed, a bottle of cava or a bottle of DO Empordà wine, candles, in order to ensure a memorable stay.
Price: 40 € + accommodation






Discover the meaning of the SPA word "Salutem per aquam" (health trough water) by yourself in this personal SPA package.
This pack includes a bath in a Jacuzzi ® bathtub for each person. You can choose: Cleopatra Bath, Citrus Bath and Dionysus Bath.
Price 2 people: 65 € + accommodation
Price 3 people: 97 € + accommodation
Price 4 people: 130 € + accommodation
Price 5 people: 162 € + accommodation





Give disconnection
Give emotions
Give privacy
Give health
Give welfare,...
Give La Cabanya, an authentic experience.