Sustainability Policy

We are committed to defending the environment and the values of sustainability and responsibility because we know that the future of the Earth depends on our behavior towards it. For this reason, we have adopted the following measures in La Cabanya:

Energy saving

  • The electrical energy supplied in La Cabanya comes from 100% sources of renewable origin.
  • The appliances are with energy use A.
  • The lighting both inside and outside are made with light bulbs and / or low consumption.
  • All windows and openings of the holiday house are double glazed to ensure good insulation.


  • We encourage the selective selection of trash in the following fractions: glass, paper, plastic and organic matter.
  • Outside, we have a recycling corner to store each waste separately.

Saving water

  • Shower taps and artichokes have devices for water saving.
  • Double discharge toilet cisterns.


  • The water disinfection system is by a salt chlorinator and this means that no chemicals have to be added to the pool water. In addition, it has positive benefits for sensitive skin.


  • All products used in the Inspira wellness center are 100% natural and ecologically certified.
  • In the bathrooms, organic and ecological shower gel.
  • We offer the possibility of buying natural km0 cosmetic products for a "conscious living" and with "zero waste" for taking care of yourself in a holistic, respectful and conscious way.

Social policy

  • We firmly believe in the local products, this is the reason we always try to buy our products from the local shops.
  • We collaborate with the main festival of our village "Gales de Mata".
  • We have subscribed an arbitration agreement with the Consumer Arbitration Board.


  • Possibility of using the public transport to arrive in the villa.
  • Bike rental available at the house to move around.
  • We offer the possibility of charging the electric vehicle.

Additional information

  • The interior and outside lighting of the holiday house are with low-consumption LED bulbs.

    The interior and outside lighting of the holiday house are with low-consumption LED bulbs.

  • The corner of recycling.

    The corner of recycling.