Personalized whirlpool baths

Relax and enjoy the bubbles.

The baths take place in a Jacuzzi ® brand spa bathtub accompanied by chromo-therapy, aromatherapy and music therapy. To achieve maximum wellness, we recommend you to start with a bath followed by a wellness body treatment

CLEOPATRA BATH: Cleopatra invites you to the Ancient Egypt through its milk bath. Enjoy this luxury bath that comes from year 70 BC. Get a more moisturized, smoother and brighter skin thanks to the nourishing properties of the milk. A bath suitable for people with a dry and dehydrated skin. Submerge yourself and enjoy! Bath session: 15 minutes. Price: 35€

CITRUS BATH: Let your imagination fly with the help of the citric mixture floating on the water. A healthy and beauty fruit cocktail bath. The citrus bath citrus will give you the necessary vitamins for your skin, thus achieving an improvement of the body defences and blood vessels stimulation. A bath to reach a deeply relaxed state Bath session: 15 minutes. Price: 35€

DIONYSUS BATH: Dionysus, the God of Wine, helps you to rejuvenate, tonify and provide a greater consistency to your skin, thanks to the wine antioxidants. A wine bath with soothing properties, enriched minerals that relieves your tension and retains the elasticity and firmness of the skin. Come and discover the world of wine! Bath session: 15 minutes. Price: 35€

ROMAN BATH: The slight scent of roses and its petals will bring you to the Roman era when Romans used rose petals in their public baths. A bath that takes care of your skin by improving the appearance of wrinkles. Following the most noble traditions, the bath gives you peace and joy, avoiding depressive feelings. Take a trip back in time! Bath session: 15 minutes. Price: 40€


All services are offered by Sandra Xargay, a licensed physiotherapist (number 11.452) in the wellness center.  All products used are 100% natural and with ecological certificates in which nature is the maximum exponent.

Attention: For spa treatments appointments, it's necessary to book at least 15 days in advance to ensure availability at: or by WhatsApp at (+34) 634 500 951